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Eco-Data Explorer*

  1. Quarterly newsletter on environmental initiatives; wildlife protection, and sustainable practices.
  2. Weekly blog posts covering the trends in data analytics, ecology and biodiversity.

Urban-Territorial Data Pro***

  1. 1 Year of Eco-Data Geek offer.
  2. Exclusive newsletter.
  3. AI services.
At Ecolonical Lab, we believe in empowering our members with the tools and knowledge to drive real change in environmental science and sustainability. Our membership plans are designed to cater to various levels of expertise and interests in data science and biodiversity. Join us today and be part of the community leading the charge in ecological innovation and research.

Eco-Data Explorer

Free   Step into the world of environmental science with no strings attached.
  • Stay informed with a quarterly newsletter packed with the latest on environmental initiatives, wildlife protection, and sustainable practices.
  • Keep up-to-date with weekly blog posts exploring the latest trends and developments in data analytics, ecology, and biodiversity conservation.
Ideal for students and enthusiasts beginning their journey in environmental research.

Eco-Data Geek

€10/month   Dive deeper into data-driven environmental studies with exclusive content tailored for advanced learning.
  • Enhance your skills with monthly in-depth analysis and newsletters on AI, data science applications in ecology, and more.
  • Gain exclusive access to advanced data analysis techniques through our specialized blog series.
  • Expand your knowledge with articles on GIS, urban data science, and geospatial analysis, designed for environmental professionals.
  • Discover and utilize cutting-edge tools and software through curated lists and reviews.
Perfect for professionals and academics looking to enhance their expertise and impact in environmental science.

Urban-Territorial Data Pro

€100/month   Transform your career with our most comprehensive and advanced subscription plan.
  • Access a full year of the extensive benefits found in the Eco-Data Geek plan, with additional premium features.
  • Receive cutting-edge research, case studies, and newsletters focused on urban and territorial data science.
  • Utilize advanced AI services for predictive modeling and strategic decision-making to lead projects in environmental management.
Designed for leaders and decision-makers who require the most advanced tools and insights to drive impactful environmental initiatives.