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Embarking on a Data Journey: Over 10 Years Of Urban/territorial, Water, Energy, biodiversity Systems and Data


In the dynamic world of environmental stewardship and technological innovation, Ecolonical Lab traces its roots back to the profound journey and vision of its founder, Milena-Jael SILVA. With over 13 years of diverse experience in urban systems, utilities, water, energy, and data analytics, Milena’s story is one of passion, exploration, and a deep-rooted commitment to ecological and urban sustainability.


The Genesis of Ecolonical Lab

It was in the year 2018 that Milena embarked on an audacious global expedition to delve into the depths of Earth’s most critical resources, focusing on the pillars of fresh water and forests. Her journey across four continents—Asia, Africa, America, and Northern Europe—was not just a geographical traversal but a quest to uncover the hidden intricacies and potential of natural resources management.


Siberia’s Call: A Testament to Water’s Vitality

The journey commenced in the boundless terrains of Siberia, where amidst the raw beauty and rugged landscapes, Milena witnessed the intricate balance between human existence and natural resource preservation. The profound experiences by Lake Baikal illuminated the sanctity of freshwater, inspiring a deeper resolve to safeguard this vital resource.


Africa’s Savannahs: Harmony and Challenge

As the journey unfolded into the heart of Africa, Milena navigated through the vast savannahs, engaging with communities for whom water is not just a resource but the essence of life. Here, the stark realities of urban development demands and environmental conservation clashed and coexisted, shaping her understanding of sustainable urban systems.


Colombia’s Heart: biodiversity and Water Richness

In the Humid Forest of Choco and the high-altitude paramos of Colombia, Milena explored the pulsating heart of biodiversity and water resources. These regions, rich in life and crucial for water regulation, offered profound insights into the delicate ecosystems and the paramount importance of protecting such natural havens.


France: A Crucible of Innovation and Collaboration

In France, a country renowned for its leadership in urban planning and environmental policy, Milena’s experiences added a layer of sophistication and collaboration to her vision. Here, she engaged with leading researchers, innovators, and policymakers, intertwining her global insights with cutting-edge European sustainability practices.


The Birth of Ecolonical Lab

Inspired by the myriad of landscapes, cultures, and challenges encountered, Milena founded Ecolonical Lab in the transformative period of August and September 2018. With a vision crystalized by her global experiences, she committed to utilizing her extensive expertise in urban systems, utilities, water, energy, and data analytics to make a tangible impact.


Mission and Vision Moving Forward

Today, Ecolonical Lab stands as a testament to the journey of exploration and commitment to sustainability. Driven by the fusion of enthusiasm and scientific rigor, the organization is dedicated to optimizing urban and territorial systems, enhancing biodiversity, water and energy management, and pioneering research through data analytics. Ecolonical Lab is more than an organization; it’s a movement towards harmonious coexistence between humanity and the environment, seeking innovative pathways to conserve resources, enhance resilience, and leave a legacy of prosperity for future generations.

As we continue our mission, we are constantly inspired by the origins of our journey, the lessons learned, and the communities and ecosystems we aim to serve. Ecolonical Lab is committed to being a beacon of hope and innovation in the pursuit of a more sustainable and equitable world.


A synthesis of the latest advances in data analytics applied to water quality.


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